Good Humor Party = international organization for people who love laughing.
Happy Skyscraper -symbol of Good Humor Party and international symbol of smile.

Nonpolitical and not registered international satirical organization, founded in Poland on 28 June 2001. It has over 4000 members all around the world – satirists and many more…

The goal of the Good Humor Party is to make people happy no matter where they live. Membership fee costs 3 smiles a day and when you are already a member it means that you have sense of humor and you are an optimist. Good Humor Party presents Good Humor Certificates, cooperate with people and organizations with similar goals, organize cartoon exhibitions (for example exhibitions on the occasion of GHP 10’th anniversary), honorably supports interesting entertainment initiatives and makes satirical comments about current affairs.

The symbol of Good Humor Party is Happy Skyscraper – cardboard model of skyscraper which is the “head office” of this Party. Funny skyscrapers can be placed in every city and reported by photo sent to GHP. First “wieżowiec” – the smallest skyscraper in New York City was placed in Manhattan (NYC, USA) on 10 October 2012. After that skyscrapers where constructed in Sydney (Australia), New Delhi (India), Santiago (Chile), Lima (Peru), Yerevan (Armenia) and many European cities…

Good Humor Party was founded by Szczepan Sadurski – satirist and cartoonist from Poland, born 1965. Good Humor Party has its own informal “government” and ambassadors in many countries.

Santosh Paliwal is the Official Ambassador in India.